Visa Requirements For Australians (free spreadsheet)

Visa requirements for an awesome trip to everywhere

Perhaps we were too organised. Perhaps we were just too excited about the possibility of going to experience life in another country. Perhaps we were just too overwhelmed by all the visa complications that countries offer these days. Anyway, we created an awesome spreadsheet with all the visa requirements of every country we are potentially in the next year or two (or three)!

It includes Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor and Vietnam.

Please note that the visa requirements and details for each country were added in October 2011. It is possible that the spreadsheet is already out of date. It is a guide only. Use this as a starting point for your own research into the visa requirements of wherever you are going.

As we are Australian, it is based around Australian passports with Australian embassy and consulate details. If you are not interested in the visa requirements for Australians then this spreadsheet probably isn’t much use to you.

And, it is certainly not pretty.

Feel free to download our Visa Details for Awesome Trip Spreadsheet, and use it as a template for your own trip.

Each country has its own sheet. Yes, the amount of countries still overwhelm us!

Download it here to check it out: Visa Details for Awesome Trip Spreadsheet

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