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Meet Tanya and Andrew

We are a married (to each other) pair of Australians committed to making our lives whatever we want them to be. For us a big part of that is seeing the world. We had traveled extensively before meeting each other. Since we met we have traveled through Europe, lived in Thailand and we are now on a 12+ month long, slow travel journey through Asia.

tanya scratching a tiger's bellyTanya

Tanya is a TEFL teaching farmer’s daughter and writes most of the posts. She is also an experienced IT person, a fantastic organiser and an awesome cook. She left a free-beer-providing IT job in a brewery for life on the road. That is commitment!




Andrew is a computer programmer and one time TEFL teacher. He is part of the Moodle development team producing course management software for schools and universities all over the world. He also checks Tanya’s spelling and produces youtube videos of variable quality.


Why does Magic Travel Blog exist?

This site is a place for us to share our experiences, provide helpful how-to guides and to inspire anyone thinking of making some big changes in their life. Which you totally should by the way.

We provide detailed travel and destination information, advice and inspiration all from first hand experiences.


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About Tanya and Andrew

Tanya and Andrew are world travellers and IT professionals. They left their cushy cubicles behind for life on the road. Now they spend their days writing, taking photographs and making videos to record their adventures. Oh, and eating. Don't forget eating.