Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas Day Zakopane Poland 2007

Andrew needs winding up again

Merry Christmas from us at Magic Travel Blog!

The photo above was taken in 2007 on a Zakopane ski field in Poland. Andrew had just fallen off his little blue plastic toboggan and split his little lip. Although he was only a little hurt, we couldn’t stop laughing as we had so much fun!

A tanned relative on a West Australian beach

This year, we are back in Western Australia where Christmas Day is hot, Hot, HOT! Well compared to the snow fields of Poland anyhow. We will be spending our time with our family, sweating and eating delicious seafood, baked hams and salads.

It is great to be fed by our families!

We wish you all the best for your Christmas this year. Stay safe, drive safe, drink and eat safe, and most importantly, enjoy your day with your families, friends, or just yourselves.

Merry Christmas!


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