We Are Creating A Life – Wow!

I am pregnant not fat

There has been a very good reason why things have been quiet at this end… I am pregnant! As of today, I am twenty weeks pregnant, with another twenty weeks to go. How things have changed already!

We found out the good news in the first few weeks of a three month stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Within a few weeks of knowing, weird things started happening. I love Thai food, and normally I can’t get enough of it but, all of a sudden, my taste buds changed and all I wanted was bread, pasta and pizza. Carbohydrate overload!

I couldn’t stay awake for more than four hours at a time. The bed and the couch in our apartment certainly got a work out for the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Andrew made me cups of tea, turned the air-conditioner on and off as required, and sourced delicious healthy snacks for me. Well, healthy apart from the occasional mars bar as they had suddenly become the most delicious thing in the world.

Unfortunately, I also had a lot of trouble doing anything that required brain function. For example, writing for Magic Travel Blog. This was a strange sensation for me as I normally write enough posts to be at least two months ahead.

You should forgive me now :)

Alas, I needed to use my brain for other important moments in life. I had to research prams that could fold up to carry on size… This is important stuff!

We are now back in Perth, Western Australia although we did leave briefly to go on a ten day cruise that was already booked, but we are now back in our old apartment that had been rented out for the past two years.

Rather than being able to flit from place to place we are basically “grounded” until at least August of 2014. The baby is due very early May, so we will give ourselves three months of getting used to having a third member of our family before we pack up our bags for our next adventure. This may all change of course! As always, we reserve the right to change our plans at a moments notice.

Being stuck in Perth isn’t going to stop us writing on Magic Travel Blog. We are rapidly approaching the cut off date after which we won’t be allowed on a commercial flight but we will still be travelling around our beautiful state. We have a lot to share about Western Australia.

As we are now starting to prepare for traveling with a child, in the next few months we will hopefully be meeting up with two travel blogging families and will be madly taking notes. Expert advice is always welcome.

This means that we will NOT be stopping our little clock of how many days we have been travelling. Although we are back in our old apartment, this is very temporary and we are still living out of our same two bags. Plus there are so many more places we want to visit.

Look out for family travel related posts. We already have some interesting stories to tell about health care in Thailand Vs Australia. Life will go on, It will just be a little different.

Creating a life is very exciting!

Do you travel with kids or know of families who do? We want to hear from you!



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