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Magic Travel Blog is a place for Post-Backpacker Long Term Travellers and Digital Nomads. We share our first hand experiences, provide detailed travel and destination information, as well as advice and inspiration to anyone wanting to make big changes in their life.

Our readers are predominantly from Malaysia, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Magic Travel Blog reaches places such as Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia due to our expansive destination pieces.

Magic Travel Blog Statistics – June 2013

Monthly Visitors: 11,500
Monthly Pageviews: 20,969
Average Visit Duration: 1:50
Google PageRank: 4
Facebook Fans: 2,250
Twitter Followers: 455
Youtube Video Views: 87,629

Partnership and Promotional Opportunities

Magic Travel Blog is interested in…
– Working with Tourism Boards and Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) to promote your destination and attractions.
– Participating in Press Trips, Cruises and Custom Tours that primarily focus on travel for the post-backpacker, long term digital nomad lifestyle.
– Partnering with organisations interested in creating marketing campaigns that align with our interests.
– Writing Honest Product Reviews of all things Travel related. Products must be useful and able to be put into carry-on sized bags.
– Providing Thorough Accommodation Reviews of places that are digital nomad friendly.

Advertising Opportunities

Magic Travel Blog accepts…
– Sponsored Posts (written by us)
– Guest Posts (written by you)
– Text link advertising in blog posts.
– Link advertisements in the sidebar or website footer.
– Homepage or site-wide banner advertising.

Companies We Have Worked With

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About the Author

Tanya and Andrew are world travellers and IT professionals. They left their cushy cubicles behind for life on the road. Now they spend their days writing, taking photographs and making videos to record their adventures. Oh, and eating. Don't forget eating.