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Andrew is a computer programmer and one time TEFL teacher. He is part of the Moodle development team producing course management software for schools and universities all over the world. He checks Tanya’s spelling and produces youtube videos of variable quality.

Getting Fancy, Afternoon Tea At Macalister Mansion Penang Feature

Getting Fancy, Afternoon Tea At Macalister Mansion Penang

Being a former British settlement you expect a few echoes of the British empire to linger here in Penang. One faint echo that shows no signs of dying out is the rather refined practice of afternoon tea or high tea. We recently decided to go a bit fancy and attended […]

Enrich Your Travel With Reading Middle

Enrich Your Travel… With Reading 2

Reading up on a place’s history, culture, economy etc is a fun part of preparing to visit a new destination, for me at least. I like to skim through a few wikipedia pages, maybe pick up a ye olde dead-tree guide book, and generally familiarise myself with how a place […]

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Backpacks

What To Pack? Cheap Ultralight Gear For Everyone

Going on a trip and wondering what to pack? This is not a full travel packing list but here are four ultralight backpacking essentials that should be in everyone’s bag. A Child Sized Headlamp Buy a headlamp meant for children to use as emergency lighting. They are smaller, lighter and […]

The Joys Of Flying With A Baby!

Flying With A Baby

My wife and I travel full-time with our daughter Zoe who is currently just short of a year old. We were traveling full-time pre-baby, paused to actually have our child and got back on the road when she was 5 months old. Since then we have been rapidly gaining experience […]

Badalona beachfront restaurants Barcelona

Our Barcelona Area Guide 2

Sadly, we are almost at the end of our three months in Barcelona, Spain. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time by the Mediterranean. During our time here we have stayed in three apartments, each for a month and each in a different area of the city. Moving every month combined […]

Outside museum natural history London

Why London Sucks (For Us) 3

If you have any experience with long term travel this post is likely to make you go “duh!” It is full of obvious points that support an obvious conclusion. None the less, we spent a month in London as an experiment and I wanted to record the results. This is […]

A hungry baby in Edinburgh

Trip Update 5 2

It has been a long long time since we last did a trip update. So on new years eve, in the last few hours of 2014, we decided to sit down, turn on the recorder and get one done. What resulted is fairly rambling. That is partly because of the […]

Leith Edinburgh

Walking Edinburgh – After The Castle 2

We have always said that one of the best ways to get to know a place is to walk around. You get a good sense of where the major landmarks are, what is in the space between the tourist attractions and you give yourself time to make the kind of […]